Kimberley Scofield

Professional editor and copywriter. See what I’ve been up to. 



Whether you need a quick proofread or are looking for a book-length global edit, I can do it all. Having experience writing business copy, and as an editor for Ooligan press I am able to add trade publishing insight along with my edits. 


Storytelling is an essential part of communication for any industry. Whether you need regular blog posts that follow a consistent tone for your audience, newsletters, website content ideas, help with your query letters, I am here for you. 

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  • Kim is one of the most passionate editors I’ve ever worked with. She combed through my book with detail and care, and I was not only able to see her love for editing come through but her love as a reader. She’s able to edit with two parts of her mind—the editor and the audience—and the result is a “best of both worlds” edit. Even if I recommended her 1,000 times, it wouldn’t be enough!

    Taylor Thompson
    Writer, Editor, & Story Associate
  • Kimberley offered great insight into my book proposal. And was able to provide guidance towards where to submit my query as well. 

    Susanna Struble
    Assistant Town Engineer
    Town of Gilbert
  • Kim gave crucial input and direction on my pitch and query letter. Kim provided knowledgeable critique, understanding both the market and what editors are currently looking for. Kim’s ability to reshape my pitch gave me insight into an editor’s mind and what is marketable right now in YA fantasy.

    Erick Vasquez


I have always been a reader. And as somebody who classifies herself as a generalist, reading offered me the opportunity to live a more extraordinary life. 

Paired with my everlasting curiosity, I always looking for the next topic to learn everything about or the next story to escape into. 

This led me to pursue a master’s degree in book publishing from Portland State University. After my graduation in June, I hope to become a literary agent and help authors achieve their publishing dreams.