Developmental Editing – $45/hour

Developmental editing is a large-scale edit that focuses on broad global topics like structure, narrative, and language. This type of editing is necessary at the beginning of the book process after at least the first draft has been completed. 

This type of editing is meant to polish drafts and acts as a check for consistency in ideas, plots, characters to eliminate issues before going into a copyedit. It is not meant to alter the root of the story, only to help the manuscript become the best version of itself.

You can expect to receive an editorial letter detailing issues as well as suggestions for revisions and problem-solving. I also will include a copy of the manuscript with queries, or high-lighting as a reference to go along with the letter. 


Copyediting – $35/hour 

Copyediting is editing the manuscript for grammar, syntax, and spelling. They are the final step towards getting your manuscripts ready to publish, as well as to send to agents and publishers. This type of edit is not meant to change the style or voice of the story but to increase clarity and consistency throughout. 

After I have completed my edit, you will receive a short editorial note where I include common errors so that you may be able to work on your own writing habits. I will also include a copy of the manuscript with the edits made using Track Changes. My copyedits include a final proof, meaning I read through one more time to check for any remaining typos or errors. While I normally use Track Changes, I can also do the edits by hand using traditional editing markers.

See examples here.

Copywriting $40/hour

Creating a compelling story is an essential part of communication within the business. Going even further to create a language and tone to represent a brand is even more important. I have experience in blog writing, social media content writing, newsletter writing, press releases.

I also have experience working with a well-developed brand and helping to create a voice/brand through marketing copy as well. 

Consulting – varies

Writing a query letter for the first time, or putting together a book proposal can seem scary. There are so many sites with instructions with loads of different and sometimes conflicting information. 

I can offer industry-specific expertise on query letters, book proposals, and marketing plans for authors looking to get published or self-publish. 

These consultations will vary depending on the project but generally will include a light copyedit as well as applicable feedback and solutions. If this is the sort of work your are looking for, contact me here.

Not sure what your needs are? Check out my FAQ page here. For information about rates, or further detail about my services please use this contact form